About Your Sport Pro

Your Sport Pro, the place where athletes meet professionals
Yoursportpro.nl is an online platform that connects athletes and sport professionals with each other. More than 2,800 certified sport professionals throughout the Netherlands offer their services on their personal account at the Your Sport Pro platform. Through the accessible search function athletes can find their sport professional around the corner and get in touch with them directly. Via the Your Sport Pro platform they can easily book their training sessions online.  

Your Sport Pro was launched in 2013 by sport professional Daan Hullegie with the objective to increase transparency in the sports industry. Since 2016 Daan collaborates with Freshheads (founder of werkspot.nl) and Zeloo (management and marketing company behind among others Marianne Vos, Gianni Romme and Tom Dumoulin) to join forces in making Your Sport Pro the largest virtual platform where athletes meet sport professionals. It is fast, efficient and accessible for everyone; the (online) place to be!

For athletes
Athletes can search and select their sport professionals based on region, objective, target and discipline and subsequently get in touch with them to book a training session. The personal profile of the professional shows their specialism, certificates, rates, offers and additionally references of other athletes. In the near future Your Sport Pro will launch sport locations as a feature, indicating associated professionals alike. 

Find a Personal Trainer

For sport professionals
Your Sport Pro offers sport professionals (€99,- for a year) a more effective online findability in search engines. Their online profile increases their visibility in the region and relevant discipline. The incoming requests at Your Sport Pro are forwarded directly to the associated professional. In addition to leads, Your Sport Pro also offers discounts and privileges on products and services that are specifically interesting for the professional’s field of expertise, such as discounts on collective health insurance, sports gear etc. 

For the sports industry
Sport providers like gyms can easily place their vacancies on the Your Sport Pro platform. By sharing their vacancies directly with the right target group (the Your Sport Pro network of 2,800 professionals) the employer significantly increases the chance of fulfilling the vacancy quickly and successfully. In the near future companies will be given the opportunity to profile themselves on the platform as well. Potential leads will come in both through the company’s profile as well as through the associated professional’s profile; associated trainers, as ambassadors for their gyms, provide indirect leads for the associated sport provider as they bring in new clients. 

For companies
Give away competitions
In order for companies to activate a new brand for athletes, Your Sport Pro offers the possibility to organize give away competitions, with prizes such as a session with a personal trainer. Prize winners can select their personal trainer through a specific campaign page. Your Sport Pro’s team takes care of the administrative and financial management of the competition and guides the right match between the athlete and sport professional.

There is also an option to introduce products or services to the sport professional by means of sharing sponsored content in the Your Sport Pro community. New ambassadors can be recruited through participation in give away competitions. Sport professionals set an example and when they use and recommend specific products/services, their athletes follow undoubtedly!  

Vitality of companies
Employee absenteeism is a major expense for employers. Promoting physical and mental health and vitality creates more productive employees. Sports contribute to this goal. Your Sport Pro offers employers the possibility to purchase quantities of sport for their employees. Subject to the employer’s objective and budget we provide a customized proposal, including workshops on healthy diets, exercise and outdoor sports. Through a specific company page, the employees can search and select their preferred professional and discipline. This offers them the chance to build a healthy life style in their own neighborhood and at their own pace. Our professionals provide inspiration and expert advice in order for the company’s vitality project to be successful.

For the media
Exercising is hot! Everybody wants to be healthy and look great. Social media and international competitions with famous athletes create inspiration for the general public. Sharing content which focuses on healthy lifestyles generates a lot of online traffic. Your Sport Pro’s enthusiastic professionals are highly experienced, certified and enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience. We can test specific questions relating to trends, hypes and recent developments in our community. This way we can contribute to qualitative content through our expert community. 

Contact: Your Sport Pro B.V. Daan Hullegie (founder) daan@yoursportpro.nl disclaimer