Over Rhonyl

Rhonyl coaching various groups or individuals powerful and friendly. Show him your target, and he knows exactly what you need and he will help you! A master trainer who work hard and crazy about strength and conditioning.


Rhonyl price himselves extremely lucky. Many athletes and trainers can take an example for his presentation and performance. He is an exceptionally good athlete, was confirmed last year. He won the 5K sprint in Kuching, Malaysia.

Furthermore, he is active with various training projects and styles that range from rehabilitation to fit.

Meanwhile Rhonyl considerable experience done at gyms and football clubs, culminating work at FC Twente and Sarawak FA.

As a master trainer I still inspired by many clients,coaches and athletes.


- programming
- rehabilitation
- personal training
- small group training
- strength and con


- certified fitness master trainer
- certified personal trainer
- certified medical fitness trainer
- certified crossfit level 1 trainer
- certified in weight